Well Preserved

A quick read from the Calgary Central Library’s short story dispenser! Edited by Lisa Murphy Lamb and published in Tap Press Read.


And you decided you’d do well to embrace her words and start a canning business, with labels for jams and jellies that included a photo of yourself ... Read



Another quick read from the library's short story dispenser, also in Tap Press Read


As soon as Gloria sees a treat, she smushes her face against the pen and starts braying, and when her teeth make contact, I let go ... Read

Life of PIe.jpg

Tougher Skin

Life of Pie, edited by Myrna Garanis and Ivan Sundal, was launched in the basement of my old student apartment on Saskatchewan Drive in Edmonton on "Pi Day" just before the pandemic lockdown. Sadly I missed the event but apparently the noshes were delectable. Copies may still be available at Glass Bookshop.

... how hot it was earlier in the park, a serendipitous festival with acapella singers and a ukulele player. The room we shared was sweltering and so we wandered together late into the night and eventually stumbled into this pie shop ...



Release Any Words Stuck Inside of You II, a collection of Canadian flash fiction and prose poetry edited by Nicole Haldoupis and Geoff Pevlin.

We ordered a birthing bot to carry our first baby. Its chamber worked like an aquarium, with filters and a heat lamp. When the baby was cooked, an alarm sounded and out came the child ... Link

Blink ink 1.jpg

Shaking Booty

Blink-ink, Robots/AI Issue

Sometimes outside her closed door, I shake booty to the electrifying strains of Schoenberg. This morning I made her pancakes—seven progressively smaller pancakes in a conical stack ... Link

Danforth Review.jpg

Black Currant

The Danforth Review, Issue 75

... the bus lurches past sun-reflected towers, up Edmonton Trail, past houses and apartments, past diners and a tire shop and that building painted a piebald cow pattern, past more houses and down into the industrial section ... Read


Not Wired Right

Fiction Southeast, a response to the George Orwell’s “Why I Write”

The single thing I recall from this incident is her telling me that under no circumstances was Underworld an appropriate name for a happy fictional realm. Underworld, [my mother] told me, was another name for hell. I knew a bit about hell back then ... Read

The Antigonish Review 173 cover.jpg

Let Me In

The Antigonish Review, Issue 173

He showed up on her front step one night. When she cracked the blinds her stomach did a flip. He had seen her through the glass. She released the blinds and then stood hugging herself. This was bad. She'd told herself if she saw him again, she'd be cold. A veritable refrigerator.... "Let me in, Esmeralda." ... Link

Wascana Review 41 cover.jpg


Wascana Review, volume 41

Phil descends from the tin can of the city bus and adjusts to the pattern of streetlights. He hitches his knapsack over one shoulder and zips his collar. He's studied later than usual tonight, flanked in his library carrel by Patricia and Judith, his mineral engineering study buddies ...



CBC Alberta Anthology, Red Deer Press (audio recording below)

Poppy dozes on the raft, face-down on her towel, the ties of her bikini top pooled in two coils at her sides. The gentle pitch of the water and the warmth of the sun on her back have a lulling effect; she barely hears her name being called ... Link



Hey Menopause, tap refresh!

New Forum, Volume 1, Silvia Pikal editor, was launched with great fanfare in 2019. The women's literary arts and culture magazine features Alberta creators.

Perhaps these terms will always rankle. Well then, how should we claim ourselves? As womyn or womxm? Experiencing mxmopause? Or something else entirely? ... Link

The Mixed Zone.png

In Praise of Older Women

The Mixed Zone, Women's Sport Trust, is a magazine based in the UK. A piece that speaks to how often older women's wisdom and skills are overlooked and underrated.

And we’ve crested that hill, and suddenly we see the other side. And it’s interesting. But maybe not quite so nice. All sorts of monsters live there ... Read

You Look Good.jpg

Well Preserved

You Look Good for Your Age, Rona Altrows, editor, UAPress, coming May 2021

I observe them huddle together and stand in line, habituated as I am from hours of watching screens, those miniature crystalline savannas, everything a game preserve now ... Link

Book Reviews


Mile-high with Mary Ruefle: a review of My Private Property

Pank Magazine, part book review, part memoir set on an unpleasant cross-country flight.

Bad baby kicks the back of my airplane seat. ... A cacophony of jungle ululations (moist, hot and fretful) assaults my ear drums. Bad baby makes strident, vomity sounds as if his caregiver clutches him too tight. I get it. I want to clutch bad baby… Read


Review: Rising: Becoming the First Canadian Woman to Summit Everest by Sharon Wood

Alberta Views, December 2019

The expedition cook, Jane Fearing, becomes Wood’s ally, and their tent at basecamp lends them the private luxury to vent over their teammates’ sometimes rude comments. “Such nice boys one on one,” Fearing says. “Such dogs in a pack,” Wood responds ... Read


Review: Rising Abruptly by Gisèle Villeneuve

Alberta Views, November 2017


“Jagged Little Peak,” with its nod to Alanis Morrissette, depicts Jo on her 40th birthday soloing up a difficult limestone rock face, fretting over her teenage daughter’s reckless partying... “I looked at my belly in disbelief the day I strained to buckle up my harness over you. The thing growing inside me that took control. I could no longer self-arrest. An internal rope tied us together" ... Read

All That Glitters.jpg

Review: All That Glitters by Margo Talbot

Alberta Views, March 2021

But the drug arrest is still ahead of her. This misadventure will prompt her to leave Jasper and move to Canmore, eventually starting a landscaping business that allows her ... to climb ice through the winter. In this milieu she begins the inner journey to confront her depression ... Read


The Banff Centre, Literary Arts Programming

E. D. Morin reads "Fugitive", The Banff Centre for the Arts

CBC Radio's Alberta Anthology
"Model" produced on CBC Radio's Alberta Anthology
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