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  • E. D. Morin

What the heck, a book award!

It's no surprise that writers spend a lot of time working in isolation (sometimes months or years or even decades on a single project!), so when their project garners an award, it truly is gratifying. This happened on September 16, 2022 at a real, live, in-person Alberta Book Publishing Awards when our publisher, University of Alberta Press, snapped up the Trade Non-Fiction Book of the Year award for Impact. (Of note: the book was also nominated for best book cover design!)

Writers working in isolation is not the whole story, of course. The writers who contributed to this collection of personal essays and poems had to overcome brain injuries to get their words onto the page. Not to mention that "working in isolation" has come to mean a lot more to a whole lot more people in the last couple of years. All in all, it feels important for Impact to get this award. This project was a carefully-crafted collective effort of sourcing, writing, editing, vetting, reviewing, book design and production. As editors, we couldn't be more pleased that women's experiences with concussion is getting this attention.


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